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    We make gates and balustrades

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    We provide the highest quality service

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    We create for individual customer

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    We offer a wide range of construction services

InterBalBud is a repair and construction company, which specializes in the installation of windows, doors and balustrades.


We produce balustrades and we provide a helpful service in their installation. In our offer you can find:


- Stainless steel balustrades

- Industrial railings

- Interior balustrades

- Patio balustrades


Our balustrades are made from the best quality materials. We use steel, wood, concrete and other raw materials from leading Polish and European distributors for their production.


We are an international company. Our offices are located in countries such as Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany. In each of these country working a team of professionals at the highest level.


Both, our work and our products are covered by a lifetime warranty. We make every effort to make our customers fully satisfied through to our renovation works and assembled products. Any defects resulting from our guilt, which having been submitted and verified, we will repair quickly with no hidden costs.



We invite you to see our offer and contact with us.