Patio balustrades


Balcony balustrades is one of the most important elements of the balcony. It immediately make our balcony much safer- post spacing or total building ensures that even a small child will not slip through the balustrade.


Our balcony balustrades are made from the highest quality materials. The basis of each of them is solid steel frame. It depends on the clients invention whether we add to it elements of resistant glass or plexiglass. There is also a possibility of installation of roofing.



All balcony balustrades are covered by a lifetime warranty.



Stainless steel railing




Railings made of stainless are the best solution to use them both- inside and outside the building. Their biggest advantages are mainly not very high price and large construction possibilities.


Among the railings of stainless steel everyone will find something for himself. In our offer are available both, classic simple balustrade composed of several basic elements, as well as more advanced projects for those who likes original projects.


All stainless steel railings are protected against corrosion in standard conditions. After putting special preparation of preservative they are also resistant to weather phenomena occurring outside the building.




Stair railings


Stair railings are installed in houses primarily for security reasons. This does not mean, however, that they can not have an interesting decorative elements and give the interior an individual character.


Our stair railings are both, functionality and aesthetics. They are made from high quality stainless steel, but on request can be equipped at least in wooden elements.



Stair railings are recommend to all those who wants to have safe house for whole family. 



Patio balustrades


More and more people decide to choose the railings on the terrace of their houses. Their primary function is to draw the terrace line and make this place well- protected.


Aesthetically, it is important to perfectly match the railing to the external elements of the home- the facade and other components surrounding it. That's why in our offer you can find railings in a variety of styles. Their basic elements are made of the highest quality steel and supplements- made of wood and impact resistant glass.



Balcony balustrades are made of materials resistant to atmospheric agents.