During the construction of the house this is very important to consciously choose the best construction elements and individual components. The most important of these are doors and windows. There you can find a brief guide on what to follow when we have to choose the appropriate doors and windows to our new place of residence.




When we are starting to think about the best windows to our house, the first and the most important question is if we should choose plastic or wooden windows.


It seems that the vast majority of people have plastic windows and they are very popular among customers because of their high quality. In fact, almost in every new house there is just such framework made of PCV. That is all because of much easier way to clean them and keep in good shape- they do not require renewal.


On the other hand, the wooden windows despite everything better retain heat in the house. They do not deform under the influence of the weather conditions, such as strong sunlight. The windows made of PVC, unfortunately, have this tendency.



This hard decision of suitable windows to the house we always leave to our customers because we believe that they the best know their needs. 




If we talk about the selection of appropriate doors, the most important aspect of it seems to be primarily an aesthetic dimension. We should however be borne in mind that the door can also be made from many different materials. The most common are:


- Wooden doors, which require staining, varnishing or painting)

- HDF doors which thanks to the a higher density are more resistant to destruction than a wooden door

- MDF doors, which are very easily subject to mechanical treatment

- Glass doors that fit into a more modern interiors and contrary to appearances, they are protected against damage.


One thing is certain- no matter what door will choose our customer, we guarantee their professional installation.